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Oval Vaccination Clinics
These Clinics are only for Patients registered with Crystal Brook and Laura Practices. If you are travelling through then please register with our practice prior to the vaccination days.

We are expecting flu vaccines in next week and will be running mass vaccination clinics in Crystal Brook and Laura. We will again be doing drive through clinics.
These will be conducted at the Football Ovals.
Details are:
. Crystal Brook Oval on Tuesday 13th April from 0900 to 1130
. Laura Oval on Tuesday May 11th from 0900 to 1100
. Please note that there is two hours to receive your vaccination SO PLEASE DO NOT ALL TURN UP AT THE BEGINNING. We need to do this in an orderly fashion without chaotic scenes.
. Please sit in the car with the arm you would like your vaccination in, closest to the window. You might have to have people sitting in the back seat to accommodate this.
. Do not get out of the car and mingle with people as this defeats the purpose of the whole strategy
. Please do not bring children under 10 to this clinic. We will do them at the child immunisation clinics as per usual – every second Tuesday
. People eligible for a free vaccine are anybody over the age of 65, all ATSI, pregnant women or people with chronic health conditions eg Diabetes, Lung disease, Heart Disease etc
. You will still be able to have vaccinations in the surgery, but we do not have enough appointments for everybody, so are asking that those who can attend these clinics, do so.


Arrangements for Children

Children under 5 yrs old are entiltled to a free vaccine. These will be given at the regular child vaccination clinics every second Tuesday. We can not do the under 10 year olds at the Oval clinics.
Parents wishing to have their older children vaccinated will need to get a prescription by phone, and then make an appointment or can attend the Oval flu clinics, but this still will need to be administered in the car. You will need to make arrangements (eg additional helpers) for this to happen in the car.

Non elligible Flu Vaccinations

If you do not qualify, as above, for a free flu vaccination, you have several options. You can attend the local Chemist who can provide and administer the vaccine. You can also ring the practice and ask for a prescription and pick it up from the chemist. You can then attend one of the Oval clinics or make an appointment at the surgery.