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Crystal Brook Medical Practice began in the late 1980s when Dr Richard Mackinnon came home  from England, to Crystal Brook .  Dr Holly Deer joined the practice in 201, Dr Kean Choy Chen in 2015 and Dr Fiona Forrester in 2018, all having been GP Registrars at Crystal Brook before Fellowship.  Crystal Brook Medical Practice is an accredited training practice for Registrars, Interns and medical students.

The Laura District Medical Practice commenced in March 2018, which was formally known as the Rocky River Medical Practice.

Crystal Brook Medical Practice is an AGPAL Accredited Practice and the Laura District Medical Practice is currently working torwards Accreditation.

Accreditation means that our Practice meets the strict standards set by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, acknowledging our commitment to safe, high quality health care.  Our Practice undergoes accreditation every 3 years.

For you, meeting these standards means that:

  • We provide you with safe, high quality health care
  • We respect your rights and needs as patients
  • We are committed to ongoing education and training
  • Our practice is clean and uses sterile, disposable equipment

We pride ourselves on being a teaching practice. We will be training Registrars and will also be hosting Interns on ten week placements from Adelaide.  They will be working in consultation with one of the doctors at all times.  In addition we will be teaching Medical Students throughout the year and again they will be working with a doctor.


At this time of increased concern re the Covid-19 Pandemic we would ask that you answer some intial questions prior to attending your appointment. This may necessitate a phone consultation by a doctor prior to you attending in person.

We operate on an appointment only basis, unless an emergency occurs.  Duration of a standard appointment is 15 minutes.  Please ring 86432500 to arrange your appointment.  Every effort will be made to provide you with your preferred time. However, due to seasonal demand, or doctor absence, we may not be able to accommodate your specific requirements.  Our staff will endeavour to provide you with other options.
Emergencies will be given priority and our staff will attempt to contact you if there is a delay.
Please give thought to the amount of time your appointment may require, and if there are multiple problems or complex issues to discuss, let our staff know when you book.  Longer appointments may be required for medicals, counselling, pap smears, procedures, new patients, and multiple or complex problems.
You will receive a reminder SMS 24 hrs before your appointment, which you will need to confirm or cancel.

New Patient Appointments
We welcome new patients to the area at Crystal Brook Medical Practice and Laura District Medical Practice.  New patients require a 30 minute appointment for their first attendance.  This allows time for the doctor to collect important medical information from you.  We ask that new patients pay for their first attendance in full, on the day.

Telephone Calls
If you wish to speak to the doctor during consulting hours, and you are unable to leave a message, staff will ask the doctor to return your call.
The practice policy for receiving and returning telephone calls is that calls will be returned between patients, during breaks or at the end of the day at the doctor’s discretion. Please notify the staff if the matter is urgent.

Our practice does not transfer patient information via email unless we have the patients consent, or it is deidentified, or sent via encrypted mail (Argus). Communication with patient’s via electronic means (e.g. email) is conducted with appropriate regard to the privacy and confidentiality of the patient’s health information and is not encouraged by the practice.

Social Media
The practice does have a socal media platform (Facebook) and this is used to keep patients informed of any up and coming events, health outbreaks and practice up dates.

Home Visits
If you are too sick to come to the surgery or hospital outpatients and you live in the Crystal Brook/Laura/Gladstone local area and you are a patient of our practice, we may at the doctor’s discretion, be able to provide a home visit.  Visits can also be arranged for palliative care patients, patients in the nursing home and at the hospital

Nursing Appointments
The practice nurse sees patients with chronic conditions who need regular review.  Appointments for the practice nurse can be booked ahead as needed.

Lactation Consultant Appointments
To arrange an appointment to see the Lactation Consultant, please speak to our reception staff.

Specialist or Allied Health Appointments
To arrange appointments to see either the visiting Specialists or Allied Health professionals, please speak to our reception staff.
These appointments will be in the Bowman Street premises.

Cancelled Appointments
Please notify the Receptionist at least 3 hours prior to your scheduled appointment if you are unable to attend.  Non attendance of booked appointments may incur a non Medicare fee of $30.

Interpreter Required??
If you or a family member require an interpreter service, let us know when you book an appointment so that this can be organised.

After Hours
Our practice is open until 5.30pm.  At any time if you have a medical emergency please call 000. Otherwise, after hours, if you require an urgent medical review please phone the Southern Flinders Health – Crystal Brook Campus on 8636 1100 or Laura Campus on 86633100 where the nursing staff will be able to assist you.


Most consultations will be charged at $74.00 – the rebate from Medicare is $38.75. If you need more time with the doctor, please tell the receptionist when you make your appointment. For longer appointments involving multiple problems, you will usually be charged $111.00 – the rebate from Medicare is $75.05. We ask that all fees be paid in full at the time of consultation. If you have any concerns regarding the fees please feel free to speak to the receptionist. Fees can be paid by using cash or cheque and we also offer EFTPOS and credit card facilities for your convenience. After-hours visits to outpatients may also incur a Medicare gap fee. Health Care Card, Pensioners and DVA cardholders must present their card, as they will be bulk billed.

Some procedures, investigations or treatments may attract an additional cost. If you think this may apply to you and you would like some more information ask the reception staff as they will be able to advise you.

Our reception staff are able to assist you to get your Medicare rebate back at the same time as you pay your account.  Please discuss with them how you can receive this service.

Fees are at doctor’s discretion and if you feel you have extenuating circumstances, please discuss these with your GP or the Practice Manager.

Non Medicare services and their charges
Some services provided by Crystal Brook Medical Practice and Laura District Medical Practice may not attract a Medicare rebate such as employment medicals, insurance medicals, and completion of travel forms, etc. So that we can advise you of the fees that may apply, please discuss requirements with your doctor or our reception staff.

Management of Personal Privacy

Crystal Brook Medical Practice and Laura District Medical Practice respects the privacy of patients and their families.  To provide you with the best possible care, it is important for you to be able to trust us and share with us all the information necessary  to enable us to diagnose and treat you.

Staff and doctors of the Crystal Brook Medical Practice and Laura District Medical Practice abide by the Privacy Act 1988 and its 2012 amendments.  For further information, go to http://www.oaic.gov.au/privacy/privacy-news

Health information may be contained in paper records and may also be held electronically, or in other mediums depending on the tests and treatment you have had (for example, x-ray records).  ALL DOCTORS AND PRACTICE STAFF HAVE SIGNED A CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT.

Your information is kept under strict security.  Personal health information will only be disclosed to a third party where consent has been obtained.

Request for transfer of medical information to another doctor will only occur when a signed consent form by the patient has been obtained.

Crystal Brook Medical Practice and Laura District Medical Practice has appropriate measures in place to protect all personal health information, both electronically and physically.

If you have any questions about our policies please check with our practice manager or your doctor.

In some circumstances we are legally obliged to disclose information about you. Examples include:

  • Where your records have been subpoenaed for a court case.
  • Where we are legally required to collect information about particular health conditions such as life-threatening diseases or diseases with high public health risks.

You have a right to access your personal information, subject to some exceptions allowed by law.  If you would like to do so, please let us know.  You may be required to put your request in writing for security reasons.

For a copy of our full policy, please inquire at our reception.

Most prescriptions provide sufficient medication to last until your condition needs to be reviewed by your doctor.  With very few exceptions (approved by the doctor), prescriptions are not routinely written without consultation – this ensures that your doctor is able to determine the appropriate medications at the time.  If you have lost your script or it has been destroyed, your request will be forwarded to your doctor.  A replacement script may be issued at the doctor’s discretion without an appointment.
Specialist Referral
An appointment is needed for referrals to see a specialist, including an ongoing referral.  This must be done before your specialist appointment as a referral can not be back dated by the doctor as this is illegal.  The referral is valid for twelve months. A referral is needed for you to get a Medicare refund for the fees charged by a specialist. Your patient health information is disclosed in the referral document, but if you feel uncomfortable with this please speak to your doctor.
Sick Certificates
It is a legal requirement for you to be seen by a doctor for a sick certificate to be issued.  It is illegal for sick certificates to be backdated. 

Crystal Brook Medical Practice and Laura District Medical Practice offers a wide range of services.  Such as:

  • General Medicine
  • Child, Adult & Seniors healthcare and assessments
  • Antenatal Shared Care
  • Family Planning
  • Pap Smears
  • Psychological/mental health support
  • Home Visits
  • Immunisations
  • Minor Procedures
  • Employment & Insurance Medicals
  • Management of Chronic Illnesses
  • Management of Sports & Work Related Injuries
  • Management of Depression & Anxiety
  • Lifestyle Advice and Assistance (e.g. smoking, exercise & weight loss)
  • Health Promotions and Illness Prevention
  • Veterans Health Service
  • Vaccinations and Travel Advice
  • Appropriate Referrals to Allied Health & Specialists
  • Hospital Access & Admitting Privileges to Southern Flinders Health – Crystal Brook Campus
  • Resident Gastroenterologist
  • Lactation Consultant
  • Accupuncture
  • Visiting Cardiologist, Endocrinologist, Rheumatologist, Audiologist, Psychiatrist (Child), Plastics & Reconstructive Surgery, Psychologist and Physiotherapist.

Our practice is committed to ensuring that patients, where possible, receive ongoing care from their preferred doctor.  Our staff will check with you who your preferred doctor is when organising an appointment.  However, there are times when your preferred doctor may be away or fully booked.  At these times, the doctors encourage patients to see their practice colleagues.  Your medical record is electronically accessible by all doctors at the Crystal Brook Medical Practice and Laura District Medical Practice as we share one database to ensure your care is consistent.

Our practice’s provides promotion, illness, prevention & preventive care & a reminder system based on patient need & best available evidence.  We use a computerized reminder system for recall of patients (eg smear, diabetes recalls, immunisations).  If you do not wish your records to be on the recall system or if you do not wish your details to be used for anonymous research projects, please notify the doctor or the clerical staff.  We are now able to send SMS appointment reminders, if you would like to utilize this service, please speak to reception staff.

Held Tuesday mornings in the Community Services Building.  Appointments are made through the surgery for this clinic.  Six-week check-ups are also seen at the antenatal clinic.

Nick Connelly consults on Monday afternoons at the clinic and appointments can be made through Thrive by phoning 86321100.

For any abnormal results, we will notify you by your preferred method of contact. Alternatively you can telephone us to obtain your results. We would prefer you to contact us between 1pm and 2pm.


Infant Care
 Change table facilities are located in the patients toilet. Mothers are welcome to breastfeed in our waiting room.
Access for people with Disabilities
 Disabled car parks and access to the Practice is located at the front of the building.  Assistance can be requested when making the appointment, or on arrival.
Infection Control
All instruments and needles are disposable; these arrive thoroughly sterilised by accredited autoclaving prior to use.
It is the policy of the Practice and the Southern Flinders Health – Crystal Brook and Laura Campus that smoking not be permitted within the grounds.
Dr Richard Mackinnon
GP/ Practice Partner
Dr Richard has been in General Practice since 1988 providing Family Medical Care, which includes a comprehensive obstetric service to Crystal Brook and surrounding districts as well as providing anaesthetics at the Southern Flinders Health – Crystal Brook Campus and nearby towns. Together with his wife Chrissy, he lives in Crystal Brook and is involved in various community activities. He is interested in computing, rugby, golf, kite surfing and enjoys sailing on weekends. Dr Richard works actively on various committees to promote the cause for rural doctors.
Dr Holly Deer
GP/ Practice Partner
Dr Holly has completed her Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Fellowship training through Adelaide to Outback GP Training Program. She is now a partner of the practice.  Holly also has a Diploma of Palliative Medicine and Advanced Diploma in Obstetrics.  Holly, her husband Luke, and their family are living just outside of Crystal Brook.  She is currently working part time.
Dr Kean Choy Chen (KC)
GP/ Practice Partner
 Dr K C has completed his training through Adelaide to Outback GP Training Program, and is also a partner of the practice.  K C provides anaesthetic services to the local hospital and the region. He also has recently completed a course ion accupuncture and is providing this service to our patients. KC lives in Crystal Brook with his wife and daughters. 
Dr Fiona Forrester
GP/ Practice Partner
 Dr Fiona has recently attained her Fellowship as a General Practitioner .  We are thrilled to announce that Fiona has decided to stay on as a partner.
Dr Li Chei Lee
Dr Li Chei is working part time at Crystal Brook.
Dr Helen Robertson
Dr Helen has been practicing over at Laura for many years.
Dr Gareth O'Reilly
Dr Gareth has attained his fellowship. Gareth has decided to stay on with us for the forseeable future.
Dr Carol Ritchie
Dr Carol has attained her fellowship. Carol also has her Advanced Diploma of Obstetrics. She does locums for us, especially when we need obstetrics covered.
Dr Cynthia Paredes
GP Registrar
Dr Cynthia is currently training with GPEX and working towards her final exams to become a GP.
Dr Lauren McLean
GP Registrar
Dr Lauren is currently training with GPEX and working towards her final exams to become a GP.
Dr Simangaliso Nyoni
GP Registrar
Dr Sim is currently training with GPEX and working towards her final exams to become a GP.
Dr Alice Bennett
Dr Alice Bennett is providing gastroenterology services at our practice.  She completed her training at Flinders Medical Centre and at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in early 2014.  Dr Alice is consulting Wednesday and Thursdays and will be performing procedures at the Port Pirie Hospital on a weekly basis.  Dr Alice lives in Booleroo with her husband and children on a farm.
Doctors in their first year out of Medical School are given the opportunity to spend 10 weeks in our practice gaining essential experience for their future careers. They are always supervised by one of the Doctors.
Sonya Irvine
Practice Manager
Jo Arbon
Susie Gum
Lauren Kerin
Hannah Gum
Wendy Wallis
Jo Hayes
Petria Steven
Gabby Combe
Practice Nurse
Lauren Cliff
Practice Nurse
Jenny Mann
Practice Nurse
Chrissy Mackinnon
Lactation Consultant
Thrive Physiotherapy visit Bowman Street on Mondays afternoons and provides a wide range of physiotherapy services.
Chrissy Mackinnon consults at the practice. She is a Registered Midwife and Lactation Consultant. She has developed an expertise in the area of tongue and lip ties as they relate to feeding problems. This involves a thorough assessment by her. Dr Richard Mackinnon will also make an assessment and together will give advice about whether releasing these might be beneficial. The procedure can be done on the day on most occasions. Appointments are made by ringing the medical centre, and Chrissy will get back to you to arrange a suitable time.